10FT charger suitable for any occasion

10FT charger suitable for any occasion

Time and distance have always limited the atmosphere of our activities

We have developed a 10FT fast charging cable

  • The 10FT extra-long cable design is very convenient to use, no need to take the cables to any other place, you can put them in different places.
  • 10FT is an ultra-long design, allowing you to lie on the sofa or bed to charge

Lightning cable is suitable for various occasions.

  • You can still use your device while charging with the adapter in the bedroom, kitchen and back seat of the car
  • When camping out, you can charge for long distances

We have developed 3 different 10FT products

Each product has different crafts and materials


White 10FT fast charge charging cable

This line is designed for high-speed charging and uses the latest C94 lightning terminal. It only takes 30 minutes to charge your iPhone 12 from 0% to 50%.

Charging speed is 2.5 times faster than USB A to Lightning data cable

Aramid fiber makes it completely resistant to wear and wear-related damage, and has been proven to withstand more than 12,000 bendings in rigorous laboratory tests. And the connector head has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Even after a long time, they just kept their original appearance-still brand new and fashionable.


Black 10FT nylon braided charging cable


This Apple lightning cable is made of high-purity copper core and smart smart chips

Tangle-free nylon braided cables are more durable, more flexible and stronger than other standard cables.

A 10-foot cable is provided to meet your needs, a pack of 2 cables will make you feel more convenient


10FT red nylon braided charging cable

The VAGAVO PD Lightning cable is designed to provide efficiency in your life and work, and it can provide speeds that are 3 times faster than other cables.

You can enjoy shorter charging time and longer use time, as long as your device supports it, it will not cause damage to your device PD technology.

The transmission speed can reach 480Mbps, and 1GB movie can be transmitted within 30 seconds.




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