Our Company


We have been pursuing high quality

We believe that high-quality electronic products can provide a lot of convenience in life


We are a lover of in-depth research on electronic products

This includes products such as portable and wall chargers, car chargers, and nylon braided charging cables


We have always pursued the characteristics of the item itself

We develop products with free space and time-saving concepts

Realize the freedom of fast charging & freedom of space.

We have saved 50% of the time for everyone's charging life.

We have realized an unlimited charging method


We like to listen to what people say about products

So we continue to conduct market research

Develop various electronic products that can help people

This forms our best-selling product

Mini fast charge charger-

A super mini plug that does not take up space + 6FT data cable with 3 times faster charging speed

We continue to realize people's ideas about the convenience of life

Continuously develop electronic products that are "convenient for humans"