How to choose a charging product that suits you

How to choose a charging product that suits you

Do you have the same troubles as me


  • In life, after taking good care of the children at home, I can finally rest, but my mobile phone runs out of power. I hope my phone can be fully charged quickly.
  • When I was at work, the phone was turned off halfway through. I hope my phone can be fully charged quickly.
  • Camping at night, I need to charge my charger or ipad at the same time, but I only have one charging plug. I hope I can charge 2 products at the same time
  • When the phone was about to shut down, I found that the socket was full of other electrical appliances and the charging plug was too big. There is no way to charge it.

Combining these problems, we have the final solution


When you want your phone to be fully charged in a short time!!

When you want your charger to be more portable!!

You can choose mini fast charge charger

The iPhone charger cube can charge your device as fast as possible. It has been tested and can charge iPhone 12 by 60% in 30 minutes.



The 6-foot/1.8-meter iPhone charger cable supports data transmission up to 480Mbps.

Durable, with a bending life of more than 12,000 times.

The built-in mechanism protects your device from short circuits or overheating.



When you want to be able to charge multiple products at the same time!!

If you are looking for fast charging products suitable for travel & camping!!

You can choose a dual-port charger!!!

This product is equipped with a fast USB wall charger with 2 high-speed USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone and tablet at the same time

The output is 2.1 amps. It can save you time and money, especially suitable for travel



This USB travel charger output 2.1A/5V, which can provide amazing lighting fast charging in a shorter time.

You can increase from less than 20% to more than 40% in 30 minutes.

And it supports safe and fast data transmission up to 480Mbps. High working efficiency, no heat

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